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Building a very simple debian package

I sometimes read "building packages X is much easier than building .debs".

While it is probably true that building a debian package is a little more involved than other systems, the debian packaging system adds a lot of value for end users, and properly packaged applications is what makes the …

Switching themes, and Disqus

Theme change

As you can see, I switched themes!

It's based on fle's very nice pelican theme, "pelican-sober". I finally admitted to myself that maintaining a pelican theme was not a good use of my time, nor did my blog look exceptionally nice.

I think this is a major …

Monitoring Apache2 with Landscape

It is important for most sysadmins to have a clear view of the overall trend in their production system.

Since I work on the Landscape project, I wanted to use it's nifty custom graphing feature to get an understanding of the general trends of apache connections for this blog.

Enter …

Making LXC (and Juju) fly on Ubuntu

If like me you use LXC containers a lot, and are often on the road, you might have also been frustrated about how network-hungry LXC is, in particular when used with Juju. I will show you how to make it automagically use a deb packages cache, to drastically speed up subsequent downloads and installations.