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Running an Ubuntu mirror with Juju!

Running a mirror for your favorite distribution is much easier than it sounds when leveraging the right tools (and the work of others, including yours truly).

You might be interested to see what we (the Public Cloud team and Web Operations team at Canonical) developed over the years to mirror …

Monitoring Apache2 with Landscape

It is important for most sysadmins to have a clear view of the overall trend in their production system.

Since I work on the Landscape project, I wanted to use it's nifty custom graphing feature to get an understanding of the general trends of apache connections for this blog.

Enter …

Making LXC (and Juju) fly on Ubuntu

If like me you use LXC containers a lot, and are often on the road, you might have also been frustrated about how network-hungry LXC is, in particular when used with Juju. I will show you how to make it automagically use a deb packages cache, to drastically speed up subsequent downloads and installations.