Magic URLs in the Ubuntu ecosystem

Because of the distributed nature of Ubuntu development, it is sometimes a little difficult for me to keep track of the "special" URLs for various actions or reports that I'm regularly interested in.

Therefore I started gathering them in my personal wiki (I use the excellent "zim" desktop wiki), and realized some of my colleagues and friends would be interested in that list as well. I'll do my best to keep this blog post up-to-date as I discover new ones.

A magic book

If you know of other candidates for this list, please don't hesitate to get in touch!

Behold, tribaal's "secret URL" list!

Pending SRUs

Once a package has been uploaded to a -proposed pocket, it needs to be verified as per the SRU process. Packages pending verification end up in this list.

Sponsorship queue

People who don't have upload rights for the package they fixed need to request sponsorship. This queue is the place to check if you're waiting for someone to pick it up and upload it.

Upload queue

A log of what got uploaded (and to which pocket) for a particular release, and also a queue of packages that have been uploaded and are now waiting for review before entering the archive.

For the active development release this is for brand new packages, for frozen releases these are SRU packages. Once approved at this step, the packages enter -proposed.

The launchpad build farm

A list of all the builders Launchpad currently has, broken down by architecture. You can look at jobs being built in real time, and the occupation level of the whole build farm in here as well.

Proposed migration excuses

For the currently in-development Ubuntu release, packages are first uploaded to -proposed, then a set of conditions need to be met before it can be promoted to the released pockets. The list of packages that have failed this automatic migration and the reason why they haven't can be found on this page.


Not really a "magic" URL, but this system gathers information and lists for the automatic merging system, that merges debian packages to the development release of Ubuntu.

Transitions tracker

This page tracks transitions, which are toolchain changes or other package updates with "lots" of dependencies. This tracks the dependencies build status.

Component mismatches

This file tracks which packages are depended upon by packages in main via the "Recommends" stanza. Some more documentation is available in the Archive Admin section of the ubuntu wiki.

A similar file is generated with proposed enabled.

Kernel SRU workflow

A page tracking the state of various kernel SRUs